One Door Closes

I'm on the eve of a new part of my little story. It's exciting, overwhelming and exciting. Wait, that's double the excitement right?

My work, this job of mine as a colourist for film and television (and these days, many other viewing platforms as well) fills such a massive part of my life. I guess that's the same for everyone with their job right? My position as a freelance colourist in Melbourne, Australia is winding up and I'm about to embark on a role where I get to extend those grading skills much further than before. I'm about begin my role at a global company and it's, well, exciting.

More of that as the days and weeks go on. It'll be pretty fun even just getting to that point so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, using this next chapter as a catalyst I thought that maybe I'll mould my freelance website into something a little more personal. A blog about not just my world of colour but my colourful world. Like that? See how I turned the words around so.....ah never mind. 

So this will be a blog about colour but not quite as literally. I guess that's my cryptic way of saying I'm just going to turn this into one big electronic scrapbook. There will be inevitable crossovers between twitterverse and instagram but there will also be a whole lot more of my photography as well as my adventures in my new role.

As they say back home: Choice bro.