Raygun Studios

I mentioned to you the other day that I would put up some photos of my grading suite in South Melbourne. That time has come so please allow me to indulge because I was pretty darn proud of it.

I was previously grading in a studio even smaller that what you're looking at above. It was lovely to finally have just that little more room so that clients didn't have there noses squashed against the monitor. That said, Raygun Studios makes boutique suites look like warehouses!

The office was located on a corner with it's very own entrance so that I was able to have a little lobby which I used as an excuse to display even more eclectic bits and pieces. Some may argue that the whole idea behind Raygun was purely a badly disguised excuse for a man cave. This is an argument that they would very easily win.

The room was a very straight forward office so I gave it plenty of love to turn it into something that I'd be more comfortable spending a 10 hour grading day in. It wasn't for totally selfish reasons though, I also wanted a space that clients would feel quickly at ease in so that they could sit back and enjoy the session in comfort.

With generous borrowing from my 1960's fetishes the room turned into a cross between a Mad Men set and a bedroom of mine from when I was a kid. You may perhaps notice a drinks trolley in the suite. i want to reassure you in this age of nanny states and political correctness that the alcohol on this drinks trolley was very real and drank regularly during the middle of the day and as often as possible. This will explain the 'look' that was achieved in many of my grading sessions.

Check out the Marshall amp that was actually a fridge!

I told you. provocatively,  in a previous post, that this was the best grading suite in Australia. I qualified that by saying 'for me' directly afterwards. I said this because it really was perfect for me, not just aesthetically but also practically and technically. The 18% grey curtain behind the grading monitor, the daylight balanced non flicker lighting and the ergonomics of the controls all joined forces to make me one very content colourist. 

I will miss my little studio and I want to thank those of you who were very supportive and complimentary with what I built. To those of you who never had the opportunity to play with colour in the world of Raygun I really hope you like the photos and can get a sense of the space that I worked in.