Slow Motion Color: Collab with Justin Cooper


I was involved with an artistic installment just recently. Artistic installment? That sounds like some kind of blockage. What would you call it? I was involved in a fun arty thing recently? Very casual but you get the idea.

My general manager at MPC, Steve Marolho, told me that would be working on a charity exhibition and we would be working with some interesting and creative people. I really had no idea what this would involve and if I'm truthful then the cynical part of me was worried.

I didn't need to be. In fact it was an amazing experience.

I was introduced to Rodney Evans, EP of an awesome production company called Central Studios, and Justin Cooper who is a very wonderful fashion photographer. Together these guys were working on a project called 'Metalepsis'

Being a bear of little brain I needed to look that one up:

Metalepsis (from Greek: μετάληψις) is a figure of speech in which a word or a phrase from figurative speech is used in a new contex

See? I told you it was a fun arty thing.

I don't often get an opportunity to get on a set these days as a colorist but this was something I really wanted to have a look at. The production was using a number of visually strong techniques to create the work but one which I had never seen in the flesh was a high speed camera splice setup. If you don't know what that is, or I didn't define it correctly, then think of that Matrix technology where time would 'freeze' as the camera rotated around the actor. That's the kind of thing these guys were doing. I got to meet Richard Kendall and Tom Brandon, affectionately known as the Splice Boys, who were the technicians/artists behind the very impressive rig that created this hypnotic effect.

There is an article about the whole thing (the link is below) but I'm going to steal a quote from Steve Marolho which, for me, sums up the energy behind the project:

"It was a combination of professional creatives collaborating to execute an idea because they all believed in it.  Everyone was in for the passion”

Have a read of the full article (also in Chinese) on SHP Plus.