Running at the Speed of light - Nike Lunar

I worked on a TVC recently for Nike Lunar that was simply not afraid of the dark. I color grade dark pieces from time to time but in commercial circles folks tend to back off a bit because they get a bit nervous that people won't see their commercial.

The concept involves runners at night throwing of a strobe like glow which creates light trails as they run. They finally come together in a massive field and as the camera pulls back we discover their light trails have formed the Nike Lunar footprint on a huge scale.

As is the case with many projects it was an opportunity to work with some people I hadn't worked with before. I was introduced to the project by Paul Morris, who was the cinematographer on the project. Paul has since become a good friend but, for me, this was a great introduction to his work. I chatted to Paul before I wrote this, he said that 95% of the shoot was handheld. They used minimal lighting, embracing the light that was coming from the LED's attached to the runners.

Another lovely fella I met through this project was the Executive Producer Chapin Melcher. from Must Films. Chapin was so brilliant to work with because everything was where it needed to be (when it needed to be there!) to make my side of the process effortless.

From a color point of view it was great to be given an opportunity to really push the darkness and yet just keep the necessary details to allow the picture to be seated in reality as opposed to a black void. Couple with that the beautiful effects from Eightvfx which provide the hypnotic strobe light trail and you have a stunning TVC.