Airbnb arrives in China

Airbnb recently launched in China. The company unveiled a new Chinese name -- "Aibiying," which roughly translates as "welcome each other with love" -- and promised a big marketing campaign to back it up.

The launch video was directed by Petter Eldin. Petter and I had worked together before and I was looking forward to seeing what he had crafted with this project. As a colorist you often see the storyboards early on in the process and it's interesting to me to see how the final product differs from the original conception. Petter absolutely nailed it - without a doubt I love this project.

Petter works as a director with Studio Stare and I'm a massive fan of what they make there, check out their website if you get an opportunity. It is incredible how many different setups Petter was able to bring together in such a short space of time. The echo that each image has with it's neighbor is beautifully done and I hope Airbnb is excited by it and it gets plenty of attentin.

Cinematographer Elliot deBruyn delivered stunning images which comes as no surprise. I haven't worked with Elliot before but - Elliot, if you're reading this - bring me all of your projects! I just love what you do! A cinematographers work is always one of the cornerstones or the process but for this piece it was essential that each shot literally told a story. You'll see what I mean when you watch the film how each image fits with the next - like a jig saw puzzle that combines a finished picture.

Speaking of puzzles and things fitting together (FYI the art of the segue is not my strong point) the delicious sound design on this is to die for. The sound design and the music was created by Kerr sound. It's a punchy soundtrack and works brilliantly with the speed and mood of the edit.

I've barely touched on my color grade for this piece. To a large degree I'm riding the coat tails of the cinematographer on this one! This project was really about gently accentuating what was already there and ensuring that, with the speed of the edit, the pieces would fit together seamlessly. We also used just a little bit of film grain at the end of the process to give the pictures some additional texture. I hope you love love this project as much as I do and if you want to visit China you'll consider Airbnb as an option.

Vincent TaylorComment