Goodbye, Hello: The colorful adventure continues...

After almost 3 years living and working in Shanghai, China at MPC Advertising, I’m excited to announce the next step in my adventure is quickly approaching. It is with a mixture of emotions that I will be saying farewell to Shanghai. I feel excited by what is coming next and a reluctance at having to say goodbye to the incredible people I have become friends with in my time here.

While at MPC Shanghai, I’ve been fortunate as Senior Colorist to work on large scale & high end projects with international luxury brands. With over 16 years experience as a post production creative in Australia, New Zealand and now China, my next step will actually be a sort of homecoming.

I was born in San Diego, but spent my childhood in New Zealand & Australia, and together with my young family, I’m very keen to pursue a lifelong dream of becoming a Californian. So! I will transition into US life from October 2017.

Working in a vibrant international market on dynamic projects here in Shanghai has been a great opportunity to strengthen my creative & professional mindset while exploring a new culture & way of life with my family. There has been SO many incredible images that have filled my color grading days at MPC.

Some of my major career highlights while working in Shanghai have included supporting Technicolor’s relaunch as MPC and subsequently MPC’s introduction to the Asian Market.

I’ve also worked closely with my colleagues to expand MPC’s remote grading possibilities in the region, into Japan, Korea & the Philippines. I’ve lived & breathed a high caliber of projects over the last 3 years and I’m incredibly proud of the color work I’ve achieved here at MPC.

I am very proud that my input has maintained the impeccable standard that MPC is famous for around the world, and it’s a career highlight to be a part of further modernizing the post production & advertising industry in China.

I feel incredibly lucky throughout my career to work with some of the world’s amazing talent, producers, directors and technicians, and Shanghai is no different!

It's difficult to thank everyone involved because there are so many people in that list! I would however like to send out a colorful hug (see, my puns are genius) to Steven Marolho, Lily Li, Mary Wu, Jonathan Porath, Barry Greaves, Andy Steele, Kim Jiang‎, Sherry Xia, Chingwen Huang and my right hand man Eason Wu. This wonderful group have supported me more that words can relay, they are the core of MPC Shanghai. These people have been my heartbeat of MPC.

Globally, I would also like to pass on my thanks to Mark Benson, Graham Bird, the very wonderful Ellora Chowdhury and my long distant mentor Jean-Clement Soret. Thank you all for your kind words and support over the past 3 years.

From October, I’ll officially be seeking new Senior Color roles, longform, shortform & advertising & corporate in California. These days, with all of the Australians calling America home my accent shouldn't confuse the locals too much. I am absolutely looking forward to launching into the next chapter of my colorful career.






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